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DearQR API - Overview

Integrating QR code generator in your application has become easy with the use of DearQR's QR code API.

DearQR is not just an another QR Code Generator API. You can completely customise the way your QR code looks. You can change the design pattern & it's colour, marker design & colour, eye design & colour etc.

You can not only customise the QR code design but also add beautiful logos inside your QR code.

You can also download the generated QR code as,

  1. PNG (base64 or image link - hosted on DearQR's end)
  2. SVG
  3. JPEG/JPG (Coming soon)
  4. PDF (Coming soon)

The best part is that all of this can be done via API - integrate inside any application. No language barrier.

You can integrate a QR code generator into your app within minutes without worrying about the compatibility. All you need to do is to create an account with DearQR, create an API key and get started.

API Integration Flow


Every request to the API endpoints must have a valid API key for authorization.

Follow the below steps to integrate DearQR API into your product / application.

  1. First step in integrating DearQR API is to create an account with DearQR to get an API key which is essential for all API requests.

  2. Head to DearQR register page and create an account.

  3. Verify the email and you will be redirected to the dashboard.

  4. In the dashboard, choose API Key menu item from the sidebar on the left.

  5. Click on the Copy button near the API Key and use the API key for authentication.

Available Plans

DearQR offers two types of API endpoints.

  1. Free QR Code API endpoint
  2. Premium QR Code API endpoint